Hospitals in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city known for its light, Camera, action, or the glamour Bollywood industry. But with the umpteen number of studio, there also has umpteen numbers of hospitals. Among them some are specialist hospitals; some have the general treatment and cure facilities. It is always said that about the Mumbai and the Mumbai people, that they are very crazy about the glamour world, but it is too right that the city also conscious about the health and health care treatment.

Life is the most precious gift of God, and to maintain the health is every one's first duty to him or herself. Umpteen numbers of Hospitals in Mumbai can assure you that the city believes on that fact. If one can notice properly the list of hospitals in Mumbai, then he or she can find out a lot of top hospitals in Mumbai. Some hospitals of the Glam city has international reputation, such as ; Breach Candy Hospital, Hinduja Hospital, LIlavati Hospitals and many more. Among the large number of Government Hospitals in Mumbai; some medical treatment center have very famous and successful story to cure some non cure able cases also.

The very famous government hospitals in the city are; Bombay Hospital, E.S.I.S Hospital, Jagjivan Rao hospital , Kasturba Hospital in Arther Road, K.B. Bhaba hospital in Bandra, Lokomanya Tilak General Municipal Hospital in sion area, Kama Hospital, Saifee Hospital in Charni Road, and many more. Despite of large number Government Hospital, there has an enormous number of Private Hospitals in Mumbai. Some worldly famous Private Health Care center of the City are, Breach Candy Hospitals, Cooper Hospital, LeelaVati Hospital or LIlavati Hospital ; in Bandra, Hinduja hospital in Veer Savarkar Marg; Mahim , Tata Memorial Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Jaslok Hospital , K.E. M hospital , Wockhard Heart Hospital, and a lot of others.Among the different names of hospitals, There has different type of Hospitals in Mumbai, Some are selected for children's, Such as Bai Jebarai woria Hosptal. Little hospital restricted their treatment in, heart care like; Wockhard heart Hospital; in Mulund-Goregaon link road, and there also has some hospitals for Cancer also.