Hospitals in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of Joy, has over a hundred of hospitals including Government and Private. And the famous hospitals of the capital of West Bengal have an ancient glorious history of success in their research and way of treatment. The Government Hospitals in Kolkata are made in the pre independence era , and still now it is going with success and reputation, such as Calcutta Medical College and Hospitals, Seth SukhLal Karnani Memorial hospital or mostly known as S.S.K.M or PG (Post General Hospital).

SSKM is the famous for the worldly known scientist and Doctor Sir Ronald Ross, who discover the cycle of malaria parasite and won Nobel prize. From the lost of hospitals in Kolkata, it can say, that there has a different types of hospitals in Kolkata. Some hospitals are general hospitals which offer people medical treatment in every disease. And some are offering specialized medical treatment. Among the umpteen numbers of hospitals in Kolkata, SSKM, Calcutta Medical College and Hospitals, Dr. M. N. Chatterjeee Eye Hospital; the one of the best eye treatment institute of the city, The Calcutta Medical Research Institute, chittaranjan cancer hospitals are some well known govt hospitals in Kolkata.

Despite of the Government hospitals, the city has a large number of private medical checkup institutes. Anondolok, Belview, Appollo Gleneglas hospital, Ruby general hospital, Peerless hospital are a very few name from the list of kolkata's medical guideline, all these ae the private hospitals in Kolkata. The city has different types of hospitals, in the city, there has almost all the hospital which are the top hospitals in Kolkata. The general treatment hospitals are offering treatment with a very affordable cost. The city also quite famous for the specialized treatment center such as, Thakur pukur Cancer Research institute, R.N tagore research institutes for the heart specialist etc. And thus the city is growing silently as the city of medical institutes.